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General Donation

A simple donation that allows you to make a difference to health care now!

Help maintain a healthy community by contributing to health care through the Drumheller Area Health Foundation. Through the generosity of your donations you enhance the medical care provided in our corner of Alberta.

Your support is essential to sustainable healthcare. 


Give by phone

Call us at 1.403.820.7860 to make a donation by credit card. 


Give by mail or fax

Fax the completed General Donation form with your credit card information to 403.823-5857 or send it by mail to Drumheller Area Health Foundation, 361-9 Street NW, Drumheller Alberta, T0J 0Y1.


Give in person

Visit the office of the Drumheller Area Health Foundation to make your donation in person. We are located in the Drumheller Health Centre next to the Cancer Clinic. We accept cash, cheques, and credit cards. You may also drop your donation with the hospital reception desk.   


Monthly Giving

Sign up to make monthly donation through a pre-authorized withdrawal from your credit card or bank account each month.

Monthly giving is a quick and convenient way to make a significant contribution. Your gift of as little as $10 a month will add up over a year to be a substantial contribution towards patient care services and ongoing healthcare programs in the area of your choice. This safe and secure method of giving on an ongoing basis means a steady flow of funds for sustainable leading edge healthcare across central Alberta. Sign up once and we will take care of the rest!

You can change or cancel your support at any time. Call 403.820-7860.
In January, you will receive a tax receipt for the total amount of your annual donations.

Our charitable registration number is BN89095 0041 RR0001

For more information on planning your gift please contact the Drumheller Area Health Foundation at or phone 403.820.7860. 

Please note, the form below is available through the Drumheller Area Health Foundation.  You may also donate online through the David Thompson Health Trust where you may select any community and cause that you wish to support.  Either way, 100% of your donation will go to that choice.  Thanks for your continued support.

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Drumheller Area Health Foundation, 351 9th Street NW, Drumheller, Alberta T0J 0Y1
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