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Together we can improve health care closer to home and better the lives of families in need. Your donations will directly impact the local community by funding new equipment, enhancing health programs, and overall, improving the quality of healthcare in Drumheller.

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Every penny of your donations goes to supporting healthcare for Drumheller, Starland County and Wheatland County.


Fund new healthcare equipment

Your donations will help fund essential healthcare equipment that will help treat patients locally.

Enhance healthcare programs

Healthcare provide essential training for doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals and are key to overall better healthcare.

Remove time and travel

Allow more people to get treated locally rather than having to travel to Calgary and Edmonton.

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Laparoscopic Surgical Tower

This tower is required for all laparoscopic surgeries, such as for hernia, gall bladder, colon, appendix, and gynecological.  More surgeries are conducted laparoscopically, in order to have smaller incisions, which leads to less pain, less complications, and quicker recoveries for patients.  The current tower can no longer be repaired, so replacement is necessary.  This tower will provide the best technology available today, so the surgeon has a high-definition camera and a large monitor to ensure a high…

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Discover how past fundraising projects have improved local healthcare in Drumheller and changed the lives of families in Drumheller and its surrounding communities. 

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Are you attending a post-secondary institution to become a Registered Nurse or Psychiatric Nurse? You may qualify for the Gaye Ross Scholarship to receive a $1500 grant. 

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